1upHealth Unveils FHIR® App Gallery

With over 600+ applications built on our FHIR® API platform, we decided to launch the 1upHealth FHIR® App Gallery to make it easier to discover FHIR®-based health apps. Whether you’re a biopharma looking for clinical trial apps, a provider interested in improving the experience for your patients, a patient who wants to easily access your data, or a payer wanting to perform population health analytics, you can find multiple apps to address your needs.

As we work to combat COVID-19, we want to make sure everyone has access to available tools built on our platform in order to prompt easier collaboration in solving the pandemic, together. The COVID-19 response has propelled incredible collaboration and effort across different organizations, and at 1upHealth, we are committed to extending patients’ lives by making it easier to access data from the 10,000 health facilities we are live with today.

The 1upHealth FHIR® App Gallery includes categories like COVID-19, research, disease management, cancer, population health, and information on how to work with the applications directly. Users can browse through the Gallery and filter by category, audience, and supported platforms. As the 1upHealth FHIR® App Gallery continues to grow, we look forward to having a central home for FHIR® interoperable apps that is accessible to all.

To learn more about creating an app with 1upHealth, visit our Developer Home, or email hello@1up.health.

Apps Included in the 1upHealth FHIR® App Gallery:

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