Our Approach

Ensuring your success every step of the way.

Our 1upHealth team is uniquely positioned to enable your end-to-end FHIR® interoperability initiatives – from regulatory requirements to strategic next gen analytics powered by robust, standardized, and computable clinical and claims data.

From initial discovery and roadmap planning to implementation, go-live, and post go-live, our team is fully-based in the US and is dedicated to supporting you with speed, ease, and reliability.

Discovery & Planning

During discovery, we’ll work with your IT leadership and technical teams to determine the scope of your FHIR implementation. After establishing your unique technical and programmatic needs, we’ll define a roadmap for a successful implementation and ongoing partnership to operate against.

Implementation & Go-Live

Based on our deep experience implementing 80+ health organizations, 1upHealth has developed an implementation protocol to get you up and running on our platform. Hallmarks of our approach include:

  • A dedicated implementation manager and data engineer to lead you through every step to go-live.
  • Weekly check-in calls with your implementation manager to review project milestones, blockers, and implementation trajectory, so you always know where your project stands.
  • Extensive experience achieving compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ongoing Customer Support & Success

Once you’re live on the 1up FHIR platform, we offer continuous customer support such as:

  • A dedicated support team to triage and investigate issues 24/7.
  • Multiple reporting channels to raise issues, including phone, email, and support tickets.
  • On-call support team engineers to resolve major issues, coordinate with your customer success manager, and get you back on track fast.
  • Updates, bug fixes, enhancements, new releases, and other improvements to our services at regular intervals.

We also provide extensive activity tracking, including:

Always-on, third-party monitoring of API uptime to verify you’re meeting your obligations to your end users.
Detailed error management and success logging for data ingestion to pinpoint issues with your extracts, source data, and vendor system data
Tools to log server activity and changes made to your data, so you can trace all discrepancies to their source.

The 1up Difference

We’ve implemented more health organizations than any other FHIR vendor.

We’ve partnered with 80+ leading healthcare brands and have honed a precise, prescriptive project execution methodology.

We make implementation easy and cost effective.

Our flexible mapping and ingestion processes are tailored to your unique needs, cutting down costs and timelines, while optimizing data processes, including extracts and member authentication.

We take a white glove approach to service and customer success.

A dedicated 1up implementation manager, customer success manager, and strategic account director will work with you throughout implementation, as well as post go-live. Our support team is available to triage and investigate issues 24/7.

We future-proof your compliance needs.

1upHealth has a Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange solution built, and is poised to react to the latest proposed rules to ensure compliance with any changes CMS approves, such as the Payer-to-Provider API in the current proposed rule.

We help you realize the full value of the 1up health data cloud.

This includes partnering with your team on analytic use cases across utilization management, quality measurement, network design, risk adjustment, or event-driven needs.

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