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Digital health companies struggle with data access.

Access to clinical and claims data has long been a barrier for digital health companies. Historically, they’ve had a hard time getting the clinical data they need out of EHRs. And the mesh of administrative databases payers, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), and other organizations use rely on flat files and custom data models that are difficult to manipulate.

Drive results with 1upHealth

Leverage 1up Patient Connect to allow users to pull in clinical information.
Convert CCDA, HL7, and other flat files from Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and other sources to FHIR.
Enable SQL queries to power insights and analytics once data has been standardized in FHIR.

Continuously monitor patient data to inform care decisions made by clinicians or patients.

The power of 1upHealth FHIR® data solutions

1upHealth takes a standards-based, FHIR-native approach to data access, storage, and computation, enabling digital health companies to deliver on their promise of value. Digital health companies that partner with 1upHealth get a solution that eliminates data integration barriers and makes connecting data easier.

We’re built on FHIR – the open and truly portable data standard – from the ground up.


Our out-of-the-box solution with standard APIs and documentation enables you to get up and running fast.


Brings together clinical data from multiple sources and formats for the most comprehensive medical records.

1upHealth’s network effect

1upHealth allows you to combine clinical and claims data for a more robust dataset. The growth of our network speaks for itself.


provider endpoints for clinical data​


payer endpoints for claims data


1up FHIR Platform

Acquire, manage, share & analyze health data with an industry-leading, end-to-end managed platform.

1up Patient Connect

1up Patient Connect

Empower members to access & share their health data with payers and digital health applications.

1Up Analyze

1up Analyze

Unlock new insights & better outcomes by accessing healthcare data stored in FHIR® and integrating it into existing analytics systems.

Leading digital health companies using 1upHealth

1up has been such a vital partnership to our business strategy...By tapping into [the 1up] network, we can focus on our key mission to help bridge the gap of siloed healthcare data for families.
Jean Ross, MHA, BSN, RN
Co-founder, Primary Record

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