1up Patient Access API

Enable your members to easily share their health data with third-party applications.

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It’s challenging for your members to access existing data

Your members deserve easy access to their complete health records and the ability to share them with third-party applications. Claims data, combined with clinical data, can offer a more holistic view of your member’s interactions with the healthcare system, leading to better decision-making and health outcomes.

However, accessing existing health data is a difficult and piecemeal process for your members and often creates a lot of manual work and administrative burden for you.

Empower your members to easily access and share their complete health record

Designed to meet CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule (CMS-0057-F) requirements and leveraging industry standards, the 1upHealth Patient Access API streamlines this process and eliminates the manual burden of sharing data with members.

Our FHIR®-based API easily integrates with third-party applications, enabling your members to use the application of their choice to access and share their clinical, claims, encounter, and prior authorization data. This automated process accelerates data sharing, improves member experience,
and saves you significant time and money.

With the 1up Patient Access API, you can:

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Meet Regulatory Requirements

Adhere to CMS-0057-F compliance requirements for Patient Access API data sharing and usage metrics reporting

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Streamline Processes

Eliminate manual processes and reduce administrative burden related to sharing data with individual members

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Improve Member Experience

Delight members by making it easy for them to view, access, and share their health data

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Support Better Member Care

Empower your members and third-party apps to make more informed decisions based on a holistic view of their health information

How 1up Patient Access Works

Why 1up Patient Access


Accessible only to qualified third-party applications and individual users with valid credentials and proper scope of permissions


Adheres to the FHIR R4 standard for bulk export and individual FHIR resource APIs.


Generates reports on the total number of unique patients (1) whose data was transferred to designated health apps and (2) who had repeated data transfers.

Making data available via a FHIR API gives patients a wider range of options to access their data. We do not intend to interfere with how a patient uses a third-party app (and neither should impacted payers, including state Medicaid agencies), but to provide them options to access their data in the way that best suits them.”
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Interoperability and Prior Authorization final rule

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