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1up Patient Connect

Empower your patients to easily access and share their health records

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Focus on value creation, not chart chasing.

Your members are at the center of everything you do. To provide them with the most value, you need authorized access to their historical clinical and claims data. But accessing existing health data is hard and often requires manual work and paper-based processes across a large number of providers and payers.

It’s time for a different approach. With 1upHealth, you get a partner with the experience and technology to facilitate the required digital authorization, connect you to a wide network of payers and providers, and enable your members to share their health data in a standardized format. 

Authenticate with 1up Patient Connect

Find Your Provider or Payer

Authorize from Patient Portals

Health Data Integrated


17% of patients have an incomplete medical record from a single provider.1

1“Incomplete Medical Records Among Adults Seen in Outpatient Settings in the United States”, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 2022.


Patients access an average of 2 different patient portals to manage their health data.2

2“Patient Portal Use in the United States: A National Survey”, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), 2019.

3 yrs

Consumers switch health plans at least once every 3 years.3

3“Three years in – changing plan features in the U.S. health insurance marketplace”, BMC Health Services Research, 2018.

Data authorization, made easy

1up Patient Connect makes it easy for members to access and share their health data with payers, providers, and digital health companies for a variety of reasons, including to drive better health outcomes, manage personal health, and qualify for clinical trials, as well as for Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange compliance.

How 1up Patient Connect works


Searches for and connects to 7,000+ clinical endpoints, top EHRs, and 150+ payer endpoints

Data Sharing

Authorizes data sharing within minutes

Shared Access

Accesses shared data in native FHIR® format

1up Patient Connect Features

The upside of 1up Patient Connect


Create a personalized patient experience with comprehensive health records on hand.


End manual data entry with seamless and automated health data integration.


Source health data directly from documented patient records in EHRs and from payers.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs associated with chart chasing, manual data entry, and more.


Secure and compliant with HIPAA and patient-mediated data exchange regulations.

Drive results with 1up Patient Connect

Allows members to share their claims, encounter, and clinical data in FHIR format with third-party applications of their choice using the 1up Patient Access API.

Create a program using shared health data that incentivizes members to take better care of themselves.

Leading companies use 1up Patient Connect

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Using members’ health records, this app supports care coordination among family members,  especially seniors that need extra help.
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This company leverages rules-based logic and historic clinical data to identify clinical trials a member may qualify for.
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This company empowers patients to share their clinical history with their telehealth providers, resulting in best-in-class virtual care.

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