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A message from Nolan Kelly, Chief Customer Officer, on the CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization final rule.

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Navigating The CMS Final Rule: Building Your Compliance Roadmap

Get ready for the CMS final rule

Learn about the new CMS Final Rule, understand how it will impact your organization, develop a roadmap to CMS compliance, and look beyond regulations to drive additional business value from your interoperability investment.

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Navigating the CMS Final Rule Webinar Series

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Accelerating Interoperability: Navigating Health Data Regulations

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Understanding FHIR

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A YouTube Series with Don Rucker

Ready to learn how to transform your healthcare data?

1upHealth is excited to bring you our YouTube series with Dr. Don Rucker – Transforming Healthcare Data. As our Chief Strategy Officer and the Former National Coordinator for Health IT at the ONC, Don Rucker has a wealth of knowledge on all things data, interoperability, and the future of healthcare.

Episode 1: What’s Next for FHIR®?

CMS API Overviews

Learn the purpose of the rules, who they affect, and when they go into effect.

Prior Authorization API Overview

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Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange on FHIR® Overview

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Patient Access API Overview

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Provider Access API Overview

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Provider Directory API Overview

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