On January 17, 2024, CMS released the Interoperability and Prior Authorization final rule. 

Watch this webinar series to get a better understanding of the final rule and the actions to take to get on the road to compliance.

Our experts share actionable insights to help you:

  • Understand the impact the new regulations will have on payers and the broader ecosystem
  • Start building your compliance roadmap
  • Think beyond the regulations to maximize the ROI of your interoperability investments


Dr. Don Rucker

Dr. Don Rucker
Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Donald Rucker is the Chief Strategy Officer of 1upHealth. As National Coordinator of Health IT at The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from 2017 to 2021, Dr. Rucker led the writing of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s (ONC) 21st Century Cures Act Interoperability Rule, which enabled the modern healthcare app economy by requiring EHRs to have standardized FHIR APIs and provided patients with secure actionable electronic access to their data by implementing the Congressional prohibition of “information blocking.”

Eden headshot

Eden Avraham-Katz
VP, Legal and Compliance

Eden Avraham-Katz serves as VP of Legal and Compliance for 1upHealth. With years of experience as an in-house attorney for a variety of healthcare technology vendors, Eden holds a wealth of knowledge in HIPAA, 42 C.F.R. Part II, the CMS interoperability regulations, the 21st Century Cures Act, as well as many other federal and state privacy regulations. She earned her JD from Northeastern University School of Law.

Nolan Kelly

Nolan Kelly
Chief Customer Officer

Nolan Kelly is Chief Customer Officer for 1upHealth, where he oversees all aspects of the 1up customer experience, including Sales and Account Management, Services, Customer Success, and Support. Nolan is committed to driving big change in the industry. He believes if we can help our customers and they can help their members and patients, collectively we can shift the data landscape brick by brick.

Joe Gagnon

Joe Gagnon
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Gagnon is the Chief Executive Officer of 1upHealth, responsible for leading the development of healthcare’s FHIR® data cloud. A creator and explorer, Joe is a seasoned entrepreneur and enterprise executive with 20+ years of CXO experience. In addition to his role at 1upHealth, Joe is the founder of The High Performance Life, an avid blogger, and the co-host of the Chasing Tomorrow podcast.

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