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For Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), and Other Life Sciences Organizations
Life Sciences

Life sciences companies must continuously improve clinical trial operations.

To bring new therapies to market faster, life sciences companies must make clinical trials more effective and more efficient. This includes identifying a broader pool of trial participants faster, getting them onboarded smoothly, and monitoring them throughout the trial, including capturing relevant clinical and non-clinical data points. But data isn’t enough. To analyze and drive insights from all this data, a standards-first interoperability strategy is required.

Drive results with 1upHealth

Analyze population data from clinical sites to identify candidates that could qualify for a given trial.

Collect data for patients enrolling in a trial to ensure they meet the necessary criteria.

Monitor patients throughout the trial, including capturing relevant clinical and non-clinical data points.
Enable SQL queries to easily pull patient results and drive actionable insights once data has been standardized in FHIR.

The power of 1upHealth FHIR® data solutions

Whether you're looking to improve patient outcomes, accelerate clinical trials, or optimize drug development, accessing comprehensive medical records through FHIR will help you stay ahead of the curve. 1upHealth helps pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), and other life sciences organizations access the computable clinical data needed to power their research products and projects.

We’re built on FHIR – the open and truly portable data standard – from the ground up.

API Powered

Our out-of-the-box solution with standard APIs and documentation enables you to get up and running fast.


Unparalleled data access brings together clinical data from multiple sources and formats for the most comprehensive medical records.


Eliminates data integration barriers so you can create value more effectively and efficiently for your customers.

1upHealth’s network effect

1upHealth allows you to combine clinical and claims data for a more robust dataset. The growth of our network speaks for itself.


provider endpoints for clinical data


payer endpoints for claims data

1upHealth for life sciences

1up FHIR Platform

1up FHIR Platform

Acquire, manage, share & analyze health data with an industry-leading, end-to-end managed platform.

Patient Connect

1up Patient Connect

Empowers patients to access & share their health records with providers, payers, and digital health applications.


1up Analyze

Unlock new insights & better outcomes by accessing healthcare data stored in FHIR® and integrating it into existing analytics systems.

Leading life sciences companies using 1upHealth

Third opinion
This company leverages rules-based logic and historic clinical data to identify clinical trials a user may qualify for.

International CRO

Acquiring clinical data from 20+ health systems

An international CRO uses 1upHealth as its core FHIR platform, along with 1up Population Connect, to acquire clinical data from the EHRs of 20+ health systems in support of its clients’ clinical trials.

What’s really needed in the health industry is a patient focus and that’s a huge differentiator for 1upHealth… Being able to connect people who are working hard on these problems with patients that need care through interoperability is a great mission and 1upHealth really takes that in stride.
Kevin Corbett
Co-founder, Third Opinion

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