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1up Comply

Enabling compliance with healthcare data exchange regulations

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1up Comply

Keeping up with health data exchange regulations on your own isn’t easy.

Meeting constantly changing government regulations around healthcare data exchange is complicated. You need a partner who stays up-to-date with regulatory requirements, advises on best practices, and delivers an API-enabled, FHIR®-native solution that scales and evolves over time.

Meet CMS regulatory rules and state specific requirements

1up Comply enables payers to meet regulatory requirements for health data exchange, including those that power your data analytics needs.

1upHealth APIs powering data exchange compliance

FHIR API that enables active members of CMS-regulated health plans to share claims, encounter, clinical, and formulary data with third-party applications of their choice.

Public FHIR API that exposes directories of in-network providers, organizations, and pharmacies of CMS-regulated health plans with third party applications.
Public FHIR API that makes Formularies and Preferred Drug Lists available to third party applications.
A configurable front-end solution that allows active members of CMS-regulated health plans to authorize the transfer of their clinical data from their former plan(s) to their current plan in the FHIR format.

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