FHIR Platform

1upHealth is Built on FHIR

Building on FHIR requires a FHIR-first mentality. That means if you can build something in FHIR you will build it in FHIR. This approach enables the interoperability created by the community of EHRs, governments, applications, and researchers contributing to the spec.

Our entire Built on FHIR stack is deployed using serverless architecture benefiting from the horizontally scalable technology of the cloud. Ultimately this leads to faster response time, linear scalability, and better security with nearly zero downtime.

Launch the entire 1up stack in less than 30 mins

EHR Data Integration

Whatever data we get we convert into FHIR. This means HL7v2/3, CCDA, documents, FHIR-ish, and other API data are all converted to the canonical FHIR Specification.

HL7v2/3 & EDI/X12
Pipe delimited like ADT, SIU, ORU or EDI like ISA & ST
Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture
File extracts from database (batch or incremental)
Files like PDFs, and Doctor Notes
Data that is not quite FHIR
Other APIs
Proprietary APIs from Health Record Systems

FHIR Native Storage

FHIR Landing

When any data lands in 1up, we store it in a FHIR native format (JSON) at the resource level in a document datastore. This way there are no requirements for SQL joins or need to compose a resource. You get it immediately. Data is sharded at the user level to improve performance. Each 1up customer's data is logically separated by their app's client and consumer ids. There is never any overlap or sharing of data among our customers.

FHIR Doc Store
Clinical data in a FHIR-native model and data store

FHIR Data Access

Each FHIR Resource is replicated into multiple data stores to support various data access patterns. Technically, different stores are optimized for specific use cases. Some are better for search operations, others for analytics, and others for read / write consistency. API queries to 1up's FHIR APIs are routed to the appropriate data store automatically to offer the highest possible performance.

Find any FHIR resource by any query parameter
Get entirely composed FHIR resources by id
Run calculations, joins, and aggregations on FHIR
Get recent requests immediately

Application Interfaces

Read and write functionality is provided to client applications using the full breadth of FHIR standard APIs. In fact, our team is helping set these standards with the support of HL7 and the ONC of the US government. In addition to standard FHIR APIs, we offer ANSI SQL support.

Standard FHIR APIs for read and write access
FHIR Bulk Data Analytics and export for pop health
Connect directly to BI/Analytics tools

Your Application

Whatever your application, interface, or organization builds on the 1up FHIR platform you can be sure it's built with a FHIR-first mentality. You can take advantage of this entire stack in literally minutes assured that improvements are always coming.