1upHealth Names 2024 Core Value Award Winners

Embodying Our Values 

As a tech company on a mission to fix healthcare, 1upHealth knows it’s not just about technology and compliance — it’s also about people. We take our culture and core values as seriously as we take interoperability and government regulations. Our team drives progress with perseverance and collaboration, ushering in the new health data era. 

We believe in living our core values of Bold, Visionary, Human, and Resolute – day in and day out. Annually, we recognize those among us who have gone above and beyond, embodying each one of our core values. We are pleased to announce our 2024 winners, who set the bar for excellence extremely high.

What It Means to Be Bold 

To be bold at 1upHealth means working towards improving healthcare interoperability, which is no small matter. It takes a fresh and decisive approach. We face the challenges in front of us head-on, are boldly determined to try new things, and know that every bend in the road is an opportunity to grow.

Our 2024 Bold Core Value Winner: Anil Sadineni, Principal Software Engineer

Anil reflects on what it means to be bold: “In my view, being bold means making groundbreaking tech choices and following through to create big impacts in healthcare. These choices allow for data to be exchanged effectively and enable insights that lead to more affordable healthcare for everyone.” 

For more from Anil, check out his 2024 Data Council recap blog, which highlights key takeaways from the event.

What it Means to Be Visionary

Being visionary at 1upHealth means understanding the profound impact technology has on life. To be visionary means intentionally seizing the transformative power of technology to create the future of healthcare – starting with data interoperability. 

Our 2024 Visionary Core Value Winner: Adam Cellon, Sr. Software Engineer 

Adam shared his view on being visionary: “To me, being a visionary is rejecting the idea of doing things the way they’ve always been done, instead choosing to be thoughtful and purposeful in building a better world.”

What It Takes to Be Human

To be human at 1upHealth means cultivating a workspace where everyone can feel respected, safe, valued, and empowered. We believe creativity flourishes when individuals feel supported to bring their whole selves to work.  

Our 2024 Human Core Value Winner: Maria Baker, Sr. Director of Implementations

Maria sums up humanity like this: “Understanding that everyone is probably going through some sort of challenge in their lives, so being empathetic and always leading with kindness. I feel that putting that into practice in business is critical for long-term success in that it translates to a more collaborative and pleasant work environment.”

How to Be Resolute

Being resolute at 1upHealth means dedication through every step of the journey, no matter how steep the mountain or how long the climb. We have a deep-rooted commitment to ardently supporting our clients, the industry, and each other, knowing that the work we do each day is meaningful far beyond ourselves.

Our 2024 Resolute Core Value Winner: Chad Clough, Data Implementation Engineer 

Chad defines resoluteness as: “Showing up every day, addressing immediate challenges, while keeping line of sight on the broader goals to continuously support our clients, the industry, and each other.”

2024 Founders Award 

Annually, 1upHealth recognizes one employee whose contributions to the company most reflect the commitment, dedication, and selflessness only matched by a Founder. This award shines a light on someone who constantly places the best interests of the company and their colleagues ahead of their own.

Our 2024 Founders Award Winner: Emily Larsen, Director of Human Resources

Our 2024 Founders Award Winner Emily Larsen embodies the spirit of perseverance and compassion at 1upHealth. She’s not just a key figure in our operations – she’s the heartbeat of our company. Emily’s strategic foresight, human touch, and unwavering dedication reflect a unique combination of grit and grace, which are central to the Founders Award.

Beyond her role in human resources, Emily fosters connections across our team, creating a culture of warmth and support. Her impact echoes throughout 1upHealth, making her recognition well-deserved and symbolic of our collective resilience and camaraderie.

Now that the bar is set, where do we go from here?

Even as we celebrate our 2024 Core Value Winners and Founders Award recipient, the 1upHealth journey continues. Our commitment to being Bold, Visionary, Human, and Resolute guides us forward. By embracing these values, we’ll keep pushing boundaries, driving innovation, and making a lasting impact in healthcare. Together, we’re redefining what’s possible as we work to solve the industry’s toughest data challenges. 

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From Left, Emily Larsen, Anil Sadineni, Adam Cellon, Maria Baker, Chad Clough, and Nolan Kelly
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