DIVA is a platform for the delivery of solutions that leverage the communication between patient and provider to transform medication safety.

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Despite the fact that hospitals across the world spend millions on patient safety and specifically, on one of the key areas of patient safety, viz. medication safety, hospitals experience an 80% failure rate at accurately confirming patient medication history and patient compliance with their medication regime. >> Diva Technologies has changed this. DIVA is a solution for engaged medication reconciliation, empowering the patient, placing him or her at the center, linking to their providers, and with a bi-directional exchange of medication information and adherence. - Provides patients with live and up-to-date list of medications. - Allows the provider to work within existing workflows to see error-free medication lists - Prompts patients to review medications prior to visit - Lowers the risk of medication-related errors - Reduces provider time spent on medication reconciliation - Increases patient satisfaction and engagement