Pilleve is a smart, secure pill bottle and software app that dispenses, monitors, and detects controlled substance misuse, remotely and in real-time.

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Pilleve is an end-to-end system that helps care providers safely prescribe controlled substances. It was designed to fit into the workflows of everyone involved. Patients receive their prescription safely secured in a Pilleve bottle, dispensed at their local pharmacy and prescribed by their physician. Whenever a patient wants to utilize his/her medication, he/she uses taps a button in the mobile app to dispense one pill at a time. The data is sent to stakeholders in real-time through preferred channels. With pilleve, providers and pharmacies have an added layer of safety and security for their patients, all with no net cost. Pilleve is working with 6 major hospitals and pharmacies across the U.S. that see & treat chronic and acute pain patients and quickly expanding to new states and geographies.