Andaman7 is a patient-driven mobile solution enabling patients to manage their health data while supporting interaction with healthcare organisations.

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Andaman7 enables each patient to manage their health information and to share it as they choose. We have built a secure worldwide Health Intermediation Platform (HIP) between patients, hospitals and caregivers from all areas of healthcare, medical research and any stakeholder related to the healthcare ecosystem. The solution enables patients to gather all of their health information in their smartphone and to easily and securely share it within their circle of trust (including physicians, nurses, hospitals, research, prevention...). The HIP enables many added-value services and is built with interoperability at its core. The solution combines a patient-facing mobile application with a secure, peer-to-peer, exchange platform open to 3rd parties (EHRs, research software...). The free and open API is the door to integrate with all existing health systems. The Company has developed 3 significant innovations: a liquid data model, a dynamic user interface and a “no-protocol” API.