Virtual Health Conference 2021: What’s Happening Beyond the July 1st CMS Rule Deadline?

1upHealth hosted the Virtual Health Conference 2021 – our biggest and best event yet! It could not have happened at a better time: with payers across the U.S. rushing to meet the July 1st CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule deadline, VHC21 welcomed incredible insights from key industry experts. With guest speakers like Alexandra MuggeCMS’s Directory and Deputy Chief Health Informatics Officer, Steven Posnack, Deputy National Coordinator for ONC’s Health Information Technology, and many more, VHC 2021 was rich in thought leadership.

Covering topics such as how to test APIs for Patient Access compliance, what payers are planning in order to leverage the power of FHIR, and the implementation requirements for the January 1st 2022 Payer to Payer Data Exchange regulation, this event was a must attend for all payers – not just those who need to meet compliance, but those working to be at the forefront of the future of healthcare. 

If you missed the event or want to re-watch your favorite sessions, you can access the recordings on-demand here

About VHC

The first Virtual Healthcare Conference launched March 2020 in response to the cancellation of multiple events as a result of COVID-19. A digital-only conference, 1upHealth holds bi-annual VHC events to bring together key healthcare industry players from the comfort of their homes. 

Read more about past VHC events: 

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March 11, 2020
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About 1upHealth

A leader in FHIR® interoperability, 1upHealth fosters an ecosystem where data flows seamlessly between 10,000+ health facilities. Enabling connectivity, our FHIR® Platform empowers the healthcare industry to explore new opportunities on how claims are processed, clinical data is made available, and care is provided and understood. 

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