How are Your FHIR Implementation Going?

It is not an understatement to say that technology is disrupting industry after industry. Healthcare is finding it difficult to keep up, especially at the enterprise level where old, clunky, legacy systems just aren’t suited to leverage new standards like FHIR and a modern data API-enabled infrastructure. How are Your FHIR Implementations Going?

Moving to meet the CMS FHIR compliance requirements has challenged enterprise health plans. First came the July 1st 2021 Patient Access rule and Provider Directory deadline, with the requirement for ongoing testing and monitoring. Coming next is the January 1, 2022 deadline for Payer to Payer API connectivity. 

And if that’s not enough, health plans must also use FHIR data to meet their commercial, clinical and strategic imperatives for an improved customer experience, population health analytics, clinical care management, revenue management and more. 

1upHealth’s FHIR platform was built to enable payers, providers, and app developers to easily support the evolving healthcare requirements as opposed to being stuck upgrading old, legacy platforms. The combination of our deep FHIR expertise, proven product excellence, and operational agility is why every one of our Health Plan customers successfully went live on July 1. We taught our customers how to speak the language of FHIR® seamlessly connecting and communicating health data, and opening the doors to new opportunities in clinical care, claims, health apps and analytics. 

Our results are the reason we can state that 1upHealth is the industry’s most trusted FHIR Platform for healthcare connectivity. We have met the most stringent certifications and received accolades from top-tier consulting firms. What matters most to me though as is hearing comments like this from one of our customers:

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of your team for supporting us to reach this BIG compliance milestone date!

— Lili Liu, Sr Manager of Tufts Health Plan

Read more about our successful go live here. If you have had a suboptimal experience meet us at HIMSS 2021 in Las Vegas or schedule a meeting. 

What’s next? 

Whether you need to start fresh with a FHIR platform or you are now ready to take the next steps, 1upHealth is offering the market two new solutions: FHIR API Testing and Payer to Payer APIs. 

FHIR API Testing

Your APIs need to be routinely tested to ensure they work and are always CMS compliant. Test your current Patient Access API to determine if it is working as intended. With the right access keys, we can turn around the test results quickly.

Payer to Payer Data Exchange API

By January 1st 2022, CMS-regulated health plans must make it possible to exchange health data with another health plan, upon member request. This API will be just as important as the previous: it will continue to expand connectivity between stakeholders, enabling fast and simple communication that is crucial for the success of the industry. No longer will patients (or their representatives) have to bear the onerous task of hunting down their medical and claims histories. Neither will payers have to rely on incomplete medical histories for new members. Payers will be able to refine operational workflows, which in turn will exponentially improve their service and HEDIS® Star ratings

Come talk to us!  

There is so much happening on the data front in healthcare. Talk to the FHIR experts by joining us at the 1upHealth booth, #3269, at HIMSS 2021 from August 9 to 13 in Las Vegas. Sign up now.

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