Impact of EMR FHIR® Connectivity In Treating Underserved Communities

Carescribr Founder, Dr Troy Russell, and 1upHealth CEO, Ricky Sahu, met to discuss the Impact of EMR FHIR® Connectivity In Underserved Communities.

Carescribr is an automation tool that standardizes data-gathering and merges patient history with existing EMRs. Built to empower medical teams serving underserved patient populations, the innovative platform improves health care delivery by collecting patient history, merging multiple data sources and making it easily accessible for clinicians and their medical team. In this way, clinicians can utilize the Carescribr app to automatically generate routine screenings, make results shareable and usable for analytic prediction models, and most importantly, improving health care outcomes.

Through 1upHealth’s FHIR® Connected platform (API), Carescribr can access patient-authorized EMR data from over 10,000 health facilities that 1upHealth is already connected to. This patient-authorized access is facilitated by the ONC’s 21st Century Cures Act which enables patients to share access to their EMR data to any third party app of their choice. As a result, apps like Carescribr have access to FHIR-enabled data such as patient demographics, doctor notes, immunizations, prescriptions, and more. With 1upHealth’s FHIR® API platform, Carescribr is ready and able to instantly work towards their mission of improving health care outcomes in underserved communities. FHIR® has the power to drive the digital transformation of healthcare, specifically as mentioned by Carescribr:

“Research shows us that one of the biggest impacts we can have on reducing mortality and health disparities is access to and continuity with a primary care physician. It is Carescribr’s mission and top priority to improve the experience of clinicians and medical teams treating underserved communities so they continue to practice in that environment long term.” — Dr. Troy Russell, Founder of Carescribr

This webinar covers how medical teams provide routine preventive care and the challenges physicians face when working in underserved communities, due to low resources and excess administrative tasks. This leads to interrupted patient care which exacerbates existing health disparities. The Carescribr app was created in partnership with the 1upHealth FHIR® API platform. It improves workflow by automating and standardizing EMRs through the merging of past medical data with the patient’s recent medical symptoms. The combination of FHIR® and LOINC also enables Carescribr to take routine screenings and make them minable, shareable, and usable for prediction models.

Webinar Highlights


Standardization ensures consistency of information across organizations, and it will be implemented through the use of questionnaires and surveys based on established clinical guidelines.


Personalization allows flexibility in clinical practice. This ensures that more time is spent focusing on a patient’s needs and preferences, not on visit charting.


Automation improves efficiency and saves patients and staff from the frustration of performing routine, repetitive tasks.

About Carescribr Carescribr is a team-based charting platform built by clinicians for clinicians. The Carescribr platform leverages tablet and cloud technology to empower the medical team to efficiently document the patient visit. As a result, providers can focus on delivering excellent care without the frustrations of the EMR interface. For more information, contact

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