Carescribr is an EMR documentation platform created to empower primary care medical teams, especially those serving underserved patient populations.

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Carescribr streamlines primary care best practices to improve the visit experience. The app automates history gathering so clinicians can focus on reviewing details before a visit and dedicate visit time to address patient concerns. Our platform improves clinical workflows through efficiency and scalability: 1. Automation: Carescribr performs the routine, repetitive tasks so staff can focus on higher priorities. Our platform brings the scalability and cost effectiveness that can't be achieved through a medical scribe. 2. Standardization: Carescribr uses validated questionnaires based on established clinical guidelines to ensure consistency of care across clinicians, teams and organizations. Our platform reduces variation that can't be achieved through speech recognition or ambient listening technologies. 3. Individualization: Patients and their conditions do not fit into perfect categories. Carescribr frees up teams to dedicate more time focusing on a patient's needs and preferences.