Connect with electronic health records in minutes.

Access 280 million patients using our award winning FHIR platform.
Receive records in clean, consistent FHIR format.

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Who we work with

1upHealth provides 100s of health tech companies and systems with the tools they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users. Our EHR connectivity covers millions of patient medical records. The FHIR API platform enables teams to build in minutes what would have previously taken years.

Our awards

Our team has won over 10 awards spanning FHIR security, FHIR Bulk Data Analytics for population health, FHIR Data provenance, and a focus on patient data. All of these aspects are core to the 1up Platform. The FHIR community and US Government's health institutions recognize 1up as a leader in the healthcare interoperability space.

A healthcare API platform built for developers by developers

With just a few lines of code, you can implement 1upHealth in an afternoon.

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  # and make a GET request
  curl -X GET \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer abc"

Build the future of healthcare

FHIR API Platform

Help your team focus on delivering product by building on the the world's only fully managed serverless FHIR API platform.

Personal health and wellness apps

Help users manage, view, and act on their their health records with instant connectivity across the US without needing a BAA

EHR Integration

Help connect apps or disparate health systems with both read and write capabilities from electronic medical records using FHIR APIs. Let 1upHealth handle the integration.

PopHealth Analytics for Value-based care

Help payers and provider organizations interact using bulk data transfers and analytics APIs for pop-health analytics using a standard SQL interface to meet regulations like MIPS and MACRA or empower their ACOs

Our commitment to patients

We believe everyone has a fundamental right to access their entire medical records that enables them to live a healthy life. Therefore patients can use 1upHealth’s free patient application to aggregate their data and share it with health systems and other apps.