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in Minutes

App developers, patients, and providers can connect and share EHR data from health systems in minutes

296 Supported Health Systems with over 1000 Locations

At 1upHealth, we’re creating a centralized platform that supports the seamless exchange of electronic health data between patients, providers, and app developers. Learn more about how we empower patients, simplify workflow for providers, and provide a FHIR API platform for developers.

1upHealth Overview

Get Patient Data

Get patient Data

1upHealth has the largest network of health systems for patient mediated access. Get EHR data in minutes.

Store health info

Securely store clinical hospital data and wearable sensor data in 1upHealth's HIPAA compliant cloud.

Use a Managed API

1upHealth provides a FHIR API platform to interact with medical data, so you can build rich apps.

Connect EHRs & Sensors

We support major EHRs and wearable devices like FitBit, Withings, Google, and continue to add more.

App Developers

With 1upHealth, you don't need to wait on the health system to get medical data flowing. Just ask your users/patients to connect their EHRs. It takes minutes to build an app on 1upHealth. We provide secure storage, APIs, and connections to health systems so you can focus on your app.

Healthcare Providers

Use 1upHealth's patient mediated method of data interoperabilty to see data from external health systems, or use 1up to improve connectivity within yours. Your innovation teams can build on the 1upHealth platform using the FHIR standard to develop novel ways to empower patients and providers.


Need patient reported outcomes or clinical data from your subjects' health systems? 1upHealth has that. Researchers can use data from over 50M patients accessible through the 1upHealth provider network to identify patients, reduce cohort sizes, and shorten the length of studies.


You can finally get your data, via the award winning 1upHealth patient app. Connect data from hundreds of organizations without any manual data entry. Share that data with your providers and researchers electronically so you can spend less time managing your health and more time living life.


Health & Human Services
Secure FHIR Server Challenge Phase II
Health and Human Services awarded 1upHealth 1st place in its Secure FHIR Server Challenge for hacking into an open source FHIR Server. Rather than building your own FHIR server, we recommend using the 1upHealth FHIR API Server with full security and permissions managment out of the box.

Office of the National Coordinator
Health Data Provenance Challenge Phase I & II
2017 & 2018
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) awarded 1upHealh as the 1st place winner for our provider app and our FHIR API platform, which help manage health data provenance via FHIR and smart contracts to ensure data is tracked securely.

Health & Human Services
Consumer Health Data Aggregator Award
U.S. Health & Human Services (HHS) awarded 1upHealth as Honorable Mention for the Consumer Health Data Aggregator Challenge for our patient application enabling patients to aggregate data from various health systems using the standardized FHIR format.

Office of the National Coordinator
Privacy Policy Snapshot Challenge
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology awarded 1upHealh as the 2nd place winner for our model privacy notice generator MPN GEN. Along with our FHIR API platform, MPN GEN helps build the future of healthcare technology for app developers.

For Patients


Store health data

Securely store clinical hospital data and wearable sensor data in one place on the 1upHealth patient app.
Hospital & Home

Learn from similar users

Don't just see averages, learn from patients who have similar conditions and treatments

Get help deciding

1upHealth calculates quality of life after medical decisions to help choose those with better outcomes
Patient Apps

Connect your health data

With 1upHealth you can connect to your wearable device data and provider health data easily on one seamless platform; while having full control of how much or how little you share with your healthcare provider.
Track Patients

Track your recovery

Every users can get personalized treatment based on individual behavior. 1upHealth shows where you stand by anonymously comparing your recovery to similar patients in order to help coach individuals for better health outcomes.

Connect your health apps and use sensor data to improve your well being or track your recovery after any hospitalization. Users can share that data with providers so their doctors can help keep an eye on their recovery.

For Providers


Meet Regulation

Regulation is pushing incentives to reduce $14 billion in avoidable readmissions
Hospital & Home

360° Patient View

Health systems lose sight of their patients as they move through various systems

Capitalize on sensors

Sensors measuring location, activity, and biometrics; use them to gain clinical insights
Patient List

Meet the recommender

1upHealth prioritizes your patient list based on their likelihood to be readmitted. No more wading through data. 1upHealth takes care of all of that work for you.
Provider Patient View

Meet the EHR app

Take charge of patient connected data with our full service EHR application. We make it easier for you to view and search information shared by patients without needing to open another application.

We created 1upHealth to offer a platform where patients can share their wearable device and health data with health systems in order to prepare providers for the shift to value based care. 1upHealth makes hospitals money by reducing readmissions in value payment structures such as bundled payment models, at risk organizations, and for the readmissions reduction program. We use the intelligence of machine learning to help prioritize member care through alerts that identify at-risk patients through metrics like gait length, heartrate, location, steps, coughs, and other personal attributes after patients leave the hospital.

1upHealth Tech and Developer Platform

1upHealth uses many technologies to support secure data transmission among different parties including health systems and consumer applications. We have learned from the best of both the health-tech and consumer-tech worlds. We use newer HL7 health standards to connect structured health data between apps, specifically Fast Health Interoperable Resources (FHIR), and we also support more popular standards like CCDA which helps power BlueButton.

On the consumer side, 1upHealth employs OAuth2 to extract data from connected patient wearables and other apps securely. We use the same protocol to enable third party developers and health systems to build custom solutions or data ingestors on top of the 1upHealth API. The combination of these technologies allows us to extend our APIs to developers so they can use one service where patients connect their health data and share it with providers.


FREE for patients / cents for apps

Pricing varies by patient population count, data size, and usage. See API pricing details here. Contact us at to take the next step.