HIMSS23 – A View from 1upHealth

Chicago definitely made its mark this past month as host city to the annual HIMSS Global Conference, one of the most influential and premiere healthcare technology events drawing attendance from over thousands of global professionals and organizations. With the COVID pandemic behind us, this year drew over 35,000 attendees with the mission of advancing digital health that connects and technology that cares. 

The buzz throughout the exhibit halls and numerous speaking sessions all centered around a few key themes:

  • Digital Transformation: Continued emphasis on the technological benefits of EHRs, telehealth and RPM organizations to adopt and transform to improve patient outcomes, increased efficiency and cost reductions. 
  • AI, AI, and Generative AI!: From ChatGPT-esque technology to discussions around ethical considerations, AI continues to have its moment as companies are truly integrating AI and ML into their technology.
  • Patient-Centered Care: Patients are the heart of healthcare and involving, empowering and improving the holistic patient journey continues to resonate as a mission for many organizations.
  • Cybersecurity: Embarking and expanding healthcare’s digital footprint means a focus on cybersecurity as well – from training and education, strategies to secure patient data and risk mitigation, this continues to be a cornerstone of digital healthcare
  • Interoperability: The need for true interoperability has been a long-standing topic and this year at HIMSS, many organizations and sessions focused on the progress that’s been made in this area. From topics of data sharing to seamless systems communication and utilization of open standards and APIs as facilitating measures, interoperability is not just a buzzword but a must have in today’s digital health era. 

1upHealth’s presence at HIMSS this year made sure that when people think about interoperability and FHIR, our name immediately came to mind. As we continue to make our stamp in the market as the leading end-to-end health data platform built on FHIR standards, our team at 1up made sure to showcase our success and expertise at this year’s conference nonetheless. If you weren’t able to make it, here’s what you missed:


On top of our 1upHealth booth, our team is part of the FHIRBall Member Organization with a purpose of expanding FHIR knowledge and spreading awareness about health interoperability and similar solutions. We joined forces with Smile CDR, AEGIS, Firely, CSIRO, Lantana and OnyxHealth to showcase what FHIR means today and for the future. 

FHIRBall Business Alliance FHIR-side Chat 

1upHealth’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Don Rucker, joined Rien Wetheim, CEO of Firely at the Interoperability Showcase to share approaches to regulatory requirements. From Congress to CMS and the ONC, the need and ask for providers and payers to leverage FHIR APIs continues to expand and have its moment. These two leaders shared the importance of healthcare information flowing for the patient’s benefit while utilizing FHIR based standard APIs to meet current and upcoming regulations for computing care. 

Highlighting 1upHealth’s Partnership with Digital Health Customers

Primary Record and Third Opinion, two successful digital health organizations, joined us at the 1upHealth booth to showcase how their organizations have been successful in overcoming their data integration challenges to build patient-centric digital health applications with 1upHealth as their interoperability partner. To learn more about these two organizations, read their customers’ stories.

Bulk FHIR and Measuring Global Organizational Performance with Dr. Don Rucker

Dr. Don Rucker joined forces with Dr. Ken Mandl to discuss how Bulk FHIR will bring the AI and ML tools from the “Big Data” world to healthcare. These two leaders spearheaded and paved the way for the development and standardization of Bulk FHIR and led a speaking session breaking down what Bulk FHIR is and what tools can be used to take advantage of this data. The key takeaway was ensuring that policy and payment considerations needed to be established to enable Bulk FHIR data to compare provider performance data. 

Da Vinci – Building a FHIR Platform to Support Da Vinci Use Cases

At the Interoperability Showcase, Pamela Nasr, Senior Product Manager at 1upHealth, spoke about how FHIR data is able to enable Da Vinci use cases. From payer needs to provider needs, the use cases are endless and FHIR data will help pave the way to make it possible to achieve outcomes. 

Unlocking Healthcare Interoperability with the 1upHealth Data Cloud

Nolan Kelly, Chief Revenue Officer, and Anton Pederson, Senior Sales Engineer spoke at the AWS Theater as part of their Journey to Health Innovation Series around Unlocking Interoperability with 1upHealth’s solutions. Highlighting AWS services, such as EC2 and Lambda functions, as well as showcasing MedImpact’s success on the 1upHealth data platform, the team presented how our solutions enable connectivity, transformation and analytics at scale. 

This year’s HIMSS conference showed how digital health is continuing to change at a rapid pace – from the booths and speaking sessions, it’s clear that this industry is in an evolutionary period. At the center of it all, data is powering and enabling all this transformation to happen. We at 1upHealth believe that interoperability needs to be the cornerstone of all this digital transformation and the future of digital healthcare’s evolution. If you missed us at HIMSS this year, check out our events page to see where we’ll be exhibiting soon. We’ll be back at HIMSS again next year, and we hope to see you there. 

To learn more about Healthcare’s Modern Data Platform, check us out at www.1up.health.

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