FHIR Platform for Digital Health

Integrate clinical EHR data into your application in seconds, along with a range of developer-friendly platform capabilities.

Products for Digital Health


Health History

Our Health History application helps patients search and connect to multiple health systems in seconds. This allows your application to access the full clinical record.


Direct EHR Integration

1upHealth enables health systems and healthcare application developers to read EHRs using RESTful FHIR® APIs.


FHIR® Bulk Data Platform

The 1up Bulk Data Platform transforms and normalizes your data to the FHIR® Bulk Data specification and enables both API and ANSI SQL queries to support your analytics.

Why 1upHealth

Built on FHIR

Our HIPAA compliant platform has been built on FHIR® from the ground-up. We take data and normalize to canonical FHIR® format available via RESTful APIs. Build for the future with us.

Access to 7K+ Hospitals & Health Centers

1upHealth provides a common RESTful API across 7K+ hospitals and health centers (our network) for patient-mediated access to 250M patients.

Network Resources

Reference our Quick Start Guide on how to get free API keys and connect to our network of health systems in less than 30 minutes for patient mediated access to medical records.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Standards & Regulations

We are setting the standards for FHIR Bulk Data and leveraging information directly from HL7, CMS, and ONC. To learn more about our thoughts on how the industry is evolving, check out our latest blog posts.

Customer Success with 1upHealth

Seamless Integrations. Complete Patient Health Records. True Interoperability - Hear Stories of Real Digital Transformation.

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Revolutionizing Caregiving and Advocacy for Families with the Help of 1upHealth

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Improving Clinical Trial Enrollment with a True Interoperability Partner