1upHealth’s Digital Sandbox for Massachusetts eHealth Institue

1upHealth’s Digital Sandbox for Massachusetts eHealth Institute

1upHealth’s CEO, Ricky Sahu, was recently interviewed by Laurance Stuntz, the Director of Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI). MeHI is focused on the innovation economy, and more specifically, growing digital health companies in Massachusetts. They are the designated state agency for promoting Health IT innovation and technology and improving efficiency within healthcare across the U.S.​ 1upHealth is a sandbox tool within MeHI’s Digital Health Sandbox Program. The MeHI program is made up of 10 Massachusetts-based development & research centers, designed to help digital health companies validate their solutions by providing testing and validation environments. 1upHealth Digital Sandbox utilizes modern app development technologies that are based on the latest FHIR® standards for healthcare interoperability, including RESTful API’s and OAuth2 authentication.

Open-source tools are provided for managing the data. Once connected to your patient’s live medical records, you can easily move to full EHR access via the same Sandbox API’s. There are two options for partnering with 1upHealth, which include patient authorized access and population level access.​

An overview of the topics discussed include:

  • Background on MeHi and 1upHealth
  • Patient privacy and overview of the 21st Century Cures Act
  • How app developers connect to and interact with the MeHi sandboxes
  • How can the sandbox program help health plans with compliance to CMS & ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule.
  • Real world use cases on a patient and population level
  • Some of the areas 1upHealth is working on in 2021

For information on the 1upHealth Digital Sandbox, visit here.​

To learn more about the Digital Sandbox Network, visit here.

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