1upHealth to Represent Boston as Best Tech Startup at National Award

We are excited to announce that 1upHealth was unveiled by Tech in Motion as the Best Tech Startup Regional Winner in Boston. After tens of thousands of collective votes during Timmy’s voting, 1upHealth has been elected by the local tech community for exemplifying strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, as well as an ability to foster an outstanding work environment even in trying times. As Boston Best Tech Startup, 1upHealth will join 10 other Regional Winners to compete for the National Timmy Award honors, announced at the virtual Timmy Awards Ceremony on Oct. 29, selected by an expert panel of judges.

Among the speakers and judges for this year’s awards is co-founder of Siri and Change.org, Adam Cheyer, Erica Van of Charles River Ventures, Bruce Wang, Director of Engineering at Netflix, and Nirmal Srinivasan, Software Engineering Director at Paypal.

Tech in Motion is an international events series that brings local tech community professionals together to connect, learn, and innovate. This idea grew into an organization of over 250,000 members across 14 chapters in North America including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, LA, Orange County and Toronto.

“Through the Timmy Awards, we’re thrilled to have an incredible panel of judges to help us recognize the startups cultivating innovation not just through their product or service, but in their everyday work environment and culture,” says Mandy Walker, Executive Director of Marketing at Tech in Motion. “Our finalists and winners are also leaders who have produced an innovative product, disrupted markets, employed forward-thinking leaders and created a great place to work while doing it.”

1upHealth is thrilled to accept the award for Best Tech Startup in Boston. As a leader in FHIR® interoperability, we focus on bridging the gap between patient centered data and provider needs, thus creating a platform for patients, providers, and app developers to enable easy access, aggregation, and sharing of healthcare data. We are connected to over 10,000 health systems across the U.S, allowing you to access over 280 million patients, and receive EHR (Electronic Health Records), in a clean and consistent FHIR® format. For organizations using our API platform to power their products, we offer a solution to barriers that hinder innovation, by providing an interoperable platform, which will reduce time delays and reduce costs.

Additionally, by improving data accessibility to all, this not only improves healthcare outcomes and research, but allows patients to have more control over the access and sharing of their own healthcare data, allowing them to have greater control over their own health. We believe that the future of healthcare is value-based care, which includes patient and provider facing applications as the norm.

This year, Tech in Motion will host the award ceremony as an entirely digital experience, announcing National Winners via video to Finalists, Regional Winners and the North American tech community. The public can RSVP here to attend. Find further info on the judges and finalists on the Timmys website.

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