Customer Highlight: Pilleve

This week, 1upHealth Customer Highlight is one of the healthcare companies who utilize us, and are also in our FHIR® App Gallery, a platform which makes it easier for providers, app developers and payers to discover FHIR®-based health apps.

Pilleve‘s mission is to reduce the risk of addiction to controlled medications, with the belief that patients can receive the highest quality care whilst helping to prevent the adverse effects of opioid abuse. To achieve this, Pilleve developed an end-to-end digital health solution. Their smart device, a secure pill bottle, dispenses pills whilst monitoring opioid usage and screening for irregular behaviors through their software app. This allows for any misuse of the medication to be recorded remotely, acting as an added layer of safety and security for patients, providers and pharmacies.

From a patient’s perspective, this is the process:

The patient’s Physician prescribes the medication in the secured Pilleve pill bottle, which the Pharmacist then fills. The patient downloads the app Pilleve Patient which connects to the pill bottle by scanning a QR code on the device. To dispense medication, the patient will tap a button on the app, rank their current pain level, and then a door on the device dispenses a pill. The real-time data obtained from self-monitoring allows the Physician to understand their patient better. If access is unauthorized, the patient’s Physician, as well as Pilleve will be alerted immediately.

Pilleve uses 1upHealth as a tool to access patient-mediated medical information, to implement usage monitoring in their app. 1upHealth’s patient mediated APIs enable apps to integrate directly with over 10,000 healthcare systems in a secure and HIPAA-compliant fashion. As a leader in FHIR® interoperability, we focus on bridging the gap between patient-centered data and provider needs, creating a platform for patients to share medical data from external health systems in a rapid and secure manner. With 1upHealth’s help, Pilleve patients are able to safely share their health data with their Physician and continue on their health journeys.

“We always say that in medicine, the issues aren’t really technological barriers but human issues: designing tools and systems to fit into current workflows and making sure we bring value instead of extra burdens to our users. Our goal has always been to build simple and accessible solutions, and 1upHealth is the tool that allows us to make that happen.”

Gautam Chebrolu, Cofounder & CTO

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