1upHealth Named a ‘Cool Vendor in Healthcare Interoperability’ by Gartner for its FHIR® Platform

1upHealth Named a ‘Cool Vendor in Healthcare Interoperability’ by Gartner for its FHIR® Platform

1upHealth was just named a ‘Cool Vendor’, in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Healthcare Interoperability, a publication spotlighting companies that have innovative approaches in electronic health data interoperability. In the report, Gartner says “1upHealth’s FHIR® Platform is the first true implementation of the ONC’s intent for healthcare interoperability.”

The Boston-based company 1upHealth helps health insurance plans, healthcare providers, application developers, and patients interact with electronic health records via FHIR® Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). FHIR, which is becoming an evermore important standard in national healthcare policy, is a new standard that brings the data transmission protocols commonly used behind websites and mobile applications into the healthcare industry. Recently, ONC and CMS introduced new regulations to support the CMS Final Rules for Interoperability and Patient Access. This rule requires health insurance companies to make their claims and clinical data available as FHIR® APIs to 3rd-party applications directly via patient authorization; this is one of the most significant regulations affecting health plans in the last decade and has been years in the making.

Due to 1upHealth’s FHIR® experience (noted by numerous government awards in FHIR® server security, health data provenance, and consumer health) health insurance payers are looking to 1up to support more than just the CMS rules. In a recent conference on the new rules, Ricky Sahu, CEO of 1upHealth, said “These new regulations offer a rare opportunity for health plans and payers to build the foundation for the future of healthcare and support a set of unbundled apps on a common API platform.”

1up has notable customers including top National Health Plans, Boston Children’s Hospital, MassMutual, IBM, FDA, Vertex, and hundreds of healthcare application vendors covering all major sectors of the healthcare industry. The company got its start enabling aggregation and sharing of patient medical data from over 10,000+ health systems under the Meaningful Use regulations which requires health systems to support the same 3rd-party application access via FHIR. Today 1upHealth’s network covers over 280 million patients throughout the U.S.

Healthcare incentives are shifting towards value based care instead of fee for service. With additional data transparency offered by standard APIs, the federal government is hoping to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality for government regulated plans. Ultimately these APIs will unlock data access to creative problem solvers outside the direct walls of the healthcare system and lead to broader customer choice and personalization.

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