CDA to FHIR Converter

Transform C-CDA documents to FHIR in seconds

1upHealth has implemented the HL7 C-CDA on FHIR mappings to make it super easy to convert all your C-CDA data into FHIR. This demo below is enabled through 1upHealth's C-CDA > FHIR APIs which you can invoke thorugh any software or use to batch process millions of patient records. For each doc, you'll immediately get back a response with a FHIR bundle of all the resources that were converted from your C-CDA document. Because 1upHealth has seen C-CDA examples from various EHRs and thousands of health systems, we have one of the best views into the reality of C-CDAs and the nuances associated with the clinical data structures within. Read more about CDA vs FHIR

Try it out below!

FHIR Resource Bundle Output

Here is the FHIR Bundle containing all the FHIR resources created for the transformed CDA document.
  "message": "Tap the button"