FHIR Webinar Series

This video breaks down the ins and outs of FHIR, what it is, how it works, and why it matters for healthcare interoperability.

Understanding FHIR® with 1upHealth​

As the backbone of the healthcare economy, payers work with a range of groups, from Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), third-party administrators (TPAs), and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to a wide variety of digital health companies. Each of these partnerships relies on data. But a lack of standards and connectivity makes accessing, processing, and exchanging data with these organizations hard.  

How FHIR® Works​

This video covers the technical workings of FHIR and helps you understand FHIR resources, APIs, endpoints, servers and more. For example, as we think about a FHIR server, a FHIR server is just a computer shatteringly connected to the internet that supports FHIR APIs. Now, there are two different ways that we see FHIR servers manifest themselves. Some FHIR servers actually persist the data. They have this concept of a FHIR repository. They store data in the FHIR format, and when API requests come

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