1upHealth Achieves EHNAC Trusted Dynamic Registration & Authentication Certification 

We are excited to announce that 1upHealth has achieved full Trusted Dynamic Registration & Authentication Accreditation Program (TDRAAP) certification from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). This means that we support interoperability requirements within the Office of the National Coordinator’s (ONC’s) Cures Act Final Rule and related CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule.

Being TDRAAP certified means that we offer privacy and security self-attestation with targeted validation while the included UDAP technical framework certification demonstrates that an entity’s end-to-end API can be trusted by patients and other industry stakeholders. It is designed specifically for developers of consumer-facing apps, also referred to as a patient’s “App of their Choice,” as used in workflows mandated by ONC and CMS that include SMART app launch with individual sign-on. This accreditation thus supports the use of individual queries for “one-patient-at-a-time FHIR data access” using the credentials issued by the healthcare system publishing the API for the Individual to access data.

Through EHNAC’s third-party summary review via Subject Matter Expert of the Self-Attestation materials, 1upHealth was evaluated in areas of security, privacy, regulatory compliance and rights management. Upon completion of the Self-Attestation materials and evidence of passing the technical certification framework, the organization demonstrates to its constituents, that it adheres to standards and participation in the objective evaluation of its business. 

“As organizations look to meet the requirements of the Cures Act, TDRAAP was established to support an organization’s continued focus on interoperability and privacy/security – which are foundational components for ONC, CMS, OCR and other agencies, as well as all organizations subject to handling sensitive data. This certification supports interoperability with a specific focus on technical standards, enabling trust and transparency for both organizational and individual access to data,” said EHNAC Executive Director and CEO Lee Barrett. “We commend 1upHealth on attaining this important certification which will serve as a “good housekeeping seal” of proven readiness and trust to enter onto the interoperability digital exchange highway. 

“With high security being the core of 1upHealth, being TDRAAP certified adds significant value and trust for our customers such as payers, providers, and health IT developers who rely on our FHIR API platform for access to sensitive health data,” said Ricky Sahu, 1upHealth CEO. “TDRAAP enables scalability and transparency of data sharing while empowering a trusted ecosystem to power data interoperability . We underwent rigorous testing in order to be a proud partner of EHNAC.”

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