Biopharma on FHIR

How 1upHealth connects siloed data, supports biopharmaceutical companies and drives innovation via FHIR

The 1upHealth FHIR API Platform supports various biopharma use cases like clinical trial recruitment, pharmacosurveillance, real world evidence implementation, population level analytics, and more. We do this by unlocking data from disparate sources and enabling direct access to Electronic Health Records from over 10,000 health facilities we’re connected to. This promotion of healthcare interoperability optimizes data exchange across the healthcare ecosystem and opens the door to over 280 million patients across the U.S. 

Biopharmas can leverage our FHIR solutions to efficiently access siloed clinical data resources normalized to the FHIR specification, such as patient demographics, medications, doctors notes, and more. With 1upHealth, organizations can drive innovation by enabling insights, improving operational workflows, and transforming how research is delivered. 

Biopharma use cases:

Data Ingestion and Transformation
We integrate and convert disparate data into one format enabling you to effortlessly query and analyze it in FHIR.
We clean, normalize and convert external data into FHIR once it lands in our environment and is detected by NiFi. This enables connectivity to other FHIR-based industry stakeholders and provides a longitudinal view of patient information through increased access to previously siloed data.
Provider – Biopharma Data Exchange
Leveraging FHIR, we enable you to connect with providers and seamlessly exchange data.
Our FHIR Platform enables you to integrate directly with health plans across all EHRs to receive data from a single FHIR endpoint for an entire member population. Following the latest FHIR Bulk Data standards, Provider-Biopharma Data Exchange enables recruitment, identification streamlining, and more.
Clinical Trial Recruitment
Through seamless connectivity built on FHIR, we facilitate clinical trials by streamlining the recruitment process.
As the usage of EHR data in clinical trial research becomes more commonplace, the use of patient facing apps in clinical trials also continues to grow. We promote the decentralization of data, giving you access to EHRs via a patient-authorized model.
EHR data integration gives you the opportunity to reach 280+ million diverse patient health records across systems. Whether you’re looking for people within a certain demographic, affected by a particular condition, or undergoing a specific treatment, joining our extensive FHIR-based health ecosystem can help you identify the best people to recruit.
Access to previously siloed data through FHIR opens doors to improved pharmacosurveillance capabilities.
Our FHIR Platform and Bulk FHIR Analytics solutions allow you to aggregate and analyze new drug data from separate health systems in order to determine population-level trends. Enabling you to identify, monitor and prevent drug reactions, this means you can safeguard patient health and enhance the drug development process.
Enhanced Care Coordination
FHIR-based interoperability bridges health systems, creating opportunities for enhancing the coordination of care.
By promoting interoperability across systems through our FHIR APIs, we directly enhance the coordination of care. You can work with providers to aggregate population-level data, obtain insights, and improve how patients receive care across disparate systems.
Population Health Analytics
Our FHIR solutions provide a longitudinal view of patient health, enabling insights that promote predictive and preventative care.
We pull information – such as clinical, claims, or real-world data – from different systems and aggregate them onto our FHIR Bulk Data Platform. This allows you to obtain a longitudinal view of patient health and perform population-level analytics using ANSI SQL queries, Bulk FHIR APIs, or other existing analytics tools. As a result, you can identify health trends, enable risk stratification, and drive machine learning models, promoting the fields of predictive and preventative care, ultimately enhancing your biopharmaceutical capabilities.

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