1upHealth Patient App is now on My Health Application

We are excited to announce that the 1upHealth Patient App is now part of the CARIN Alliance new “My Health Application” website. We’re looking forward to reaching new audiences through My Health Application to enable even more patients to view all of their FHIR® enabled health data in one place.

The 1upHealth Patient App uses FHIR® APIs to transform the patient experience. It allows patients to easily aggregate health data, understand and manage the data, and share the data with healthcare providers, researchers, family, or friends all from one place. Anyone can use our Patient app for free: sign up today!

My Health Application has created a centralized place for patients to be able find apps that allow them to access and utilize their health data, which we think is vitally important. As CARIN Alliance members, we are thrilled to contribute to the Alliance’s efforts to make it easy for consumers and their caregivers to find apps to access more of their digital health information with less friction.

Check out our page on My Health Application here!

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