Free APIs and Mentors for MIT Grand Hack

This weekend (May 3-5 2019), 1upHealth provided guidance to hundreds of engineers, clinicians, business people, and developers in the MIT Hacking Medicine Grand Hack. Participants from all over the world devised innovative solutions to healthcare problems and presented their inventions to a board of judges who chose the winners. We made the 1up APIs free to use for all during the event.

The 1upHealth team of FHIR® experts attended the event to engender passion for innovation in healthcare and offer mentorship to competing teams. Candidates were able to access EHR data in minutes utilizing 1upHealth’s FHIR® API, and 1upHealth’s mentors helped developers with their API calls. Some of the hackathon participants were even able to connect their own personal medical records into the apps they built during the weekend.

FHIR’s standardized method of exchanging health data between EHRs and apps is changing the health sector and granting room for disruptive innovation, and 1upHealth congratulates the MIT Grand Hack teams for their hard work and creative thinking. We hope to continue supporting the effort to make healthcare interoperable.

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