1upHealth, Wins $1M LEAP Grant in Collaboration with Boston Children’s

We’re excited to announce that we will be Co-Investigators in Boston Children’s Hospital LEAP Grant funding project. HHS will be contributing $1,000,000 to fund this research over two years. During this project we will test FHIR® Bulk Data (i.e., FLAT FHIR) APIs and Analytics on FHIR® data at production scale. 1upHealth will be working with BCH to build technical reference prototypes and test their performance on massive sets of synthetic and real patient data at BCH’s Accountable Care Organization. We’ll be working with payer organizations both in the private and public sectors to automate data transmission for reporting payment and quality measures.

This project is led by Ken Mandl at the CHIP team at BCH. He head’s the group building the SMART Health IT initiative, and we’re excited to be working with them. We’ll be open sourcing the work under the grant and seek the developer and interoperability community’s input. If you’re interested in working together on FHIR® Bulk Data transfer or population health analytics on the FHIR® standard please reach out to us

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