Going Live on the 1upHealth Platform

We’ve come a long way since the Health2.0 Startup Launch competition. was one of the first companies we met at that event, and now we are super excited that they are the first to take their product live on our healthcare API backend. provides break the glass functionality to emergency medical staff enabling access to your medical history securely. They are taking the personal health record and making it useful at the point of care during real emergencies for thousands of patients.

By using the 1upHealth platform, on day one, will be connected to EHR data at thousands of US hospitals and clinics across 125+ health systems. This level of connectivity has never been possible before and can result in truly life saving experiences as users connect their medical data so care providers can understand a patient’s unique medical conditions and history.

The app is simple to use. Patients just connect their health records (via the 1upHealth platform on the backend) and are given an id and barcode that can be scanned if an emergency responder needs their data. The beauty here is that a patient who chooses to carry their ID card can make their data accessible even if that individual is unconscious at the scene. This can provide a great peace of mind to care givers and individuals who are living with complex medical situations or those that may have accident prone lifestyles or occupations.

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