1upHealth, Wins 1st place in ONC’s Health Data Provenance Challenge!

It’s A Winner

1upHealth was announced as the 1st place winner of Phase 2 of the ONC Health Data Provenance Challenge! We implemented a feature which creates FHIR® provenance resources for each new piece of information imported or connected from external health systems. Then a hash of the FHIR® resource is also stored on a public blockchain based on Ethereum. Read more detail about the implementation of the 1upHealth FHIR® + Blockchain Provenance features on our dev docs.

All developers building on the 1upHealth FHIR® API platform can already benefit from this work. You can also visit our FHIR® provenance GitHub repo to understand the technology in detail. We hope that our FHIR® provenance + blockchain feature will bolster our FHIR® API platform that helps app developers build health care apps of the future. If you have any feedback, drop us a line at hello@1up.health.

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