Jodi Patton

Vice President, Account Management

As the Vice President of Account Management at 1upHealth, Jodi Patton applies her extensive healthcare administration background and a strong drive for innovation in healthcare technology. Her experience, including pivotal roles as Chief of Medical Programs at Nevada Medicaid and Director of Health Plan Partnerships at Hazel Health, has given her a comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems and the critical aspects of forging strategic partnerships. In her current role, Jodi focuses on identifying and cultivating partnerships that align with 1upHealth’s innovative healthcare solutions, driving growth and enhancing the company’s impact in transforming healthcare delivery. Her expertise in bridging the gap between advanced technology and patient-centered care is central to her success in fostering collaborations that support 1upHealth’s mission to revolutionize healthcare through technology.

Fun Fact

Jodi has competed in her local Dancing With the Stars 3 teams, rounding out her experience with perfect 10s in a hip hop dance she choreographed. 


Einstein often hinted in his writings that to solve problems, we must move beyond the mindset that created them. Today, in the healthcare sector, we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture that demands we think outside the confines of our current knowledge and devise forward-thinking, visionary solutions for the future.