EHR & HL7 Integration

Go from EHR data in HL7 to FHIR API and back effortlessly

1upHealth enables health systems and healthcare application developers to read and write to EHRs via HL7 feeds using RESTful FHIR APIs. This means that you can just interface with FHIR APIs on 1upHealth's platform and have data transparently flow between your application and the electronic health record.Your organization can further enable meaningful use 3 compliance using the 1upHealth platform.

1upHealth supports integrations with the top EHRs

EMR HL7 Integration Diagram

Features of 1upHealth EHR & HL7 Integration Product


FHIR API Interface

Data pulled from the EHR via HL7 sources is transformed into FHIR and stored natively as FHIR. Applications that need to interact (read or write) from the EHR simply make FHIR API requests against 1upHealth. This provides a simple non-proprietary interface to developers, researchers, and analysts.

Data made useful and stored securely

1upHealth is HIPAA compliant and stores a copy of all transmitted data on its servers to enable instant responses and cross resource analytic queries. With 1up, applications do not have to wait for any communication to the EHR system, all requests are handled by our servers as new data streams in behind the scenes. This means you can build interactive applications with more data access patterns than ever before.

Get Electronic Health Data from external systems

1upHealth is connected to over 10,000 hospital and health centers across the US. Patients any of those systems can authorize access to their external health data and enable your organization to incorporate that along with the source system's HL7 EHR data.

Innovation Teams

1upHealth provides an API platform for developers to use connected patient data in apps. Your teams and applications can build on the 1upHealth platform using the FHIR standard to develop novel ways to empower patients and providers. Teams can integrated 1upHealth data in their apps in less than 1 hour.

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