1up Population Connect

The healthcare industry’s first commercial, off-the-shelf software enabling population-level data exchange with top EHR systems via standard FHIR APIs.

With 1up Population Connect, we help significantly reduce manual work and costly chart retrieval services with automated roster-based provider EHR connectivity using industry standard FHIR APIs.

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Payers rely on large volumes of clinical data to support important workflows like prior authorization, quality reporting, risk adjustment, care management, and more. But the process for acquiring that clinical data is inefficient and costly:

100+ Million

medical record requests are made to healthcare providers every year

90% of Requests

are fulfilled using manual methods, such as paper, mail, or fax

$25 Billion

cost of using these antiquated approaches to the healthcare system every year1

Why 1up Population Connect?

More timely access to standardized computable data

Administrative cost savings and operational efficiency

Reduced abrasion/friction with provider groups

Stop chasing charts and start driving clinical and operational improvements with combined EHR and claims data standardized on FHIR.

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