Payer Provider Data Sharing – A New World?

In the world of healthcare data the relationship between payers and providers is going through a shift. Typically, they’ve been a bit cautious and not big on collaboration. Lately, things are changing thanks to some incentives in at-risk and shared savings programs. The U.S. healthcare system has its share of inefficiencies, and the way people see Medicare Advantage plans is evolving that is leading to higher expectations for both health plans and providers.

Though there are some ongoing challenges, there is good news. Congress is putting a focus on letting consumers control their own healthcare data and now payers have to share more data, including prior authorization data. The push for clear pricing and digital quality performance is showing a move towards more value-based contracts.

If you want to learn more about all the ins and outs of this shifting landscape of healthcare data sharing, you can read the full article on the HealthIT Answers site.

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