Donald Rucker On HIMSSCast: on the progress of FHIR, TEFCA and more

In this HIMSSCast episode, listeners gain insights from Dr. Donald Rucker, former national coordinator for health IT and current chief strategy officer at 1upHealth, on key policies and trends in healthcare interoperability. The discussion covers exceptions for TEFCA under the Cures Act, emphasizing allowances to avoid info blocking. Topics include querying endpoints, patient access to medical records, and the expanding landscape of personalized medicine beyond electronic health records.

The episode also touches on data privacy under HIPAA, exploring multi-party data sharing through QHINs. Dr. Rucker discusses special requests for sharing information outside specific QHINs and highlights the opportunities that AI brings to data sharing. For a comprehensive exploration of the future of health information exchange, tune in to the episode on Healthcare IT News.

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