Don Rucker on Healthcare Data Management: How market forces, regulations have worked against interoperability

In a world where online shopping and banking transactions flow effortlessly, the healthcare sector faces a different reality — a slow and fragmented data flow that’s holding back progress. In a recent article on Healthcare Data Management, Dr. Donald Rucker digs into the roots of this issue, dating back to the post-WWII era, and connects the dots between historical economic policies and the challenges faced by American healthcare.

In the article, Don breaks down the complexities of healthcare interoperability, examining the impact of century-old federal policies that have shaped how we pay for healthcare. Despite advancements in technology and the introduction of modern standards like FHIR, achieving interoperability remains a tough nut to crack.

For more details and to gain insights into where healthcare is headed, we invite you to check out the full article on Healthcare Data Management.

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