Leveraging Healthcare Quality and Value in an Information Economy

Dr. Don Rucker, 1up’s Chief Strategy Officer and former ONC National Coordinator, recently wrote an article for JOURNAL of AHIMA. Below is an excerpt: 

 “Today, major forces are at play on both the demand and supply sides of quality value measurement data. First, the demand for measurement is rising as healthcare expenses rise. MedPAC, which oversees CMS for Congress, recently stated it simply cannot measure quality in Medicare Advantage, the fastest growing part of Medicare. CMS and the Office of the Inspector General have cited serious concerns with care coverage in Medicare Advantage programs. Pushes for performance transparency are also seen in increased enforcement of CMS price transparency rules. Each of these policy considerations is fundamentally about measuring what we pay for and what we get in healthcare. And each of these policy initiatives is accompanied by new data needs.”

Read the article in full on the JOURNAL of AHIMA website.

This article was originally published by JOURNAL of AHIMA on August 22, 2022.


JOURNAL of AHIMA—the official publication of the American Health Information Management Association—delivers best practices in health information management and keeps readers current on emerging issues that affect the accuracy, timeliness, privacy, and security of patient health information.

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