Dr. Don Rucker talks the Future of Interoperability with AJMC’s Managed Care Cast

What’s Coming Up Next in Interoperability 

An unprecedented level of detail and robustness around interoperability standards is on its way, and on a recent episode of Managed Care Cast, AJMC speaks with 1upHealth’s Chief Strategy Officer and the former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in HHS, Don Rucker, MD, about what the opportunities and responsibilities for payers are.

The change is precipitated by 2020 rulemaking regarding the 21st Century Cures Act requirement regarding application programming interfaces. The new requirement will enable access to patient-level data across a patient population, allowing for more analysis that can inform clinical decisions, track those decisions to costs, and even influence future policy.

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This article was originally published by AJMC on March 29, 2022.

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AJMC is a peer-reviewed journal focused on issues in managed care and has an audience of 138,785 unique monthly visitors. AJMC reaches various stakeholders including payer executives, patient advocacy groups, hospital directors, clinical decision makers, and managed care experts.

About 1upHealth: 

1upHealth is the leading FHIR® platform that connects an ecosystem of payers, providers, patients, life sciences, and app developers within a trusted interoperability network. Unlike legacy enterprise companies, 1upHealth was created and built with the modern healthcare infrastructure in mind. The 1up FHIR® platform is serverless with cloud-native applications that transform data at enterprise scale with greater ease and simplicity to improve patient outcomes, drive population-level analytics and enable medical innovation. Founded in 2017, the company is connected to more than 10,000 clinical and payer endpoints with best-in-class FHIR® APIs. Gartner designated 1upHealth a “Cool Vendor in Healthcare Interoperability” for its FHIR® platform.

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