Healthcare Data Can Finally Catch Up With The Rest Of The World

1upHealth’s Founder & CTO, Ricky Sahu, recently wrote an article for Forbes Technology Council about FHIR® and how it’s changing the way healthcare data is exchanged for the better.

What FHIR Ignites

“FHIR may have started as an interoperability standard, but as more people use it and more users and developers expand its capabilities, it is taking on more and more. As more information becomes more easily available, it can be combined in a variety of unexpected ways. The flexibility and speed of FHIR make it easy to play around to develop new applications.

It makes life significantly easier for patients, who sit between payer and provider in a situation of high friction, complexity and information loss. Full medical records that travel with the patient are essential for providing treatment with full knowledge of preexisting conditions, particularly chronic conditions, which now affect a significant percentage of the adult population. It also enables the easier coordination of the care teams that increasingly are responsible for treating complex and multiple conditions.”

To read Ricky’s article in full, click here: Read Article

This article was originally published by Forbes Technology Council on February 11th, 2022.

About Forbes Technology Council:

Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Members are selected for the council based on their deep knowledge and diverse experience in the industry.

About 1upHealth: 

1upHealth is the leading FHIR® platform that connects an ecosystem of payers, providers, patients, life sciences, and app developers within a trusted interoperability network. Unlike legacy enterprise companies, 1upHealth was created and built with the modern healthcare infrastructure in mind. The 1up FHIR® platform is serverless with cloud-native applications that transform data at enterprise scale with greater ease and simplicity to improve patient outcomes, drive population-level analytics and enable medical innovation. Founded in 2017, the company is connected to more than 10,000 clinical endpoints with best-in-class FHIR® APIs. Gartner designated 1upHealth a “Cool Vendor in Healthcare Interoperability” for its FHIR® platform.

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