So TEFCA is live. Now what?

Don Rucker, MD, 1upHealth’s Chief of Strategy Officer and former ONC chief, recently sat down with Healthcare IT News to chat about what’s next for interoperability in the US, the advantages of FHIR-enabled tools and the importance of being able to analyze population-wide health data. 

When asked what interoperability challenges he sees TEFCA addressing Don responded, “It’s a hard space. And it’s worth understanding why it’s hard. You can look at connectivity: Are we getting information on one patient? Or on a population? And then the other dimension is: Is this connectivity the patient controls, or that gets data into patients’ hands, or is this connectivity between providers? So those are probably three somewhat separate buckets.”

He continued, “I see TEFCA, as it is, as sort of a placeholder for some of the richer computing that needs to follow if we’re going to have a rational healthcare system. If we’re going to do the things that are measures of value, measures of public health support for social determinants of health, we need sort of a different system than the connectivity pathways that we have today.”

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This article was originally published by Healthcare IT News on January 24th, 2022. 

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