Everyone Has A Story: Miriam Paramore

Monthly series featuring personal accounts navigating our healthcare system

Within our healthcare system, inefficiencies are a widespread concern. Our new content series “Everyone Has a Story,” explores personal accounts or witnesses of navigating the complexities of healthcare. 1upHealth is on a mission to create a data platform that facilitates information exchange among patients, payers, providers, and digital health companies, all directed at addressing inefficiencies and improving patient care. By highlighting these personal stories 1upHealth aims to raise awareness of why it remains dedicated to its mission.

Who Is Miriam Paramore?

Miriam Paramore is a passionate advocate for healthcare reform, with nearly 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her career is driven by the belief that the power of information can transform the healthcare system. 

The Journey with Her Father

Miriam’s story revolves around her beloved father, Jack Paramore, who passed away on July 18th. Jack was a wonderful father and dedicated preacher who chose a path of service, leaving behind the family farm. Jack’s life exemplified an open heart, persistence, and resilience, qualities that inspired Miriam’s career in healthcare.

Sharing on a Global Stage

Miriam had the honor of speaking at this year’s HLTH 2023 Conference, sharing her father’s story and the challenges he faced within the healthcare system. HLTH is an industry leading event platform bringing together the entire health ecosystem, focused on health innovation and transformation. Her talk highlighted the urgent need for a data-driven approach to healthcare, emphasizing the importance of real-time information sharing and coordinated decision-making.

The Eye-Opening Interview with Joe

Recently, Miriam sat down for a candid interview with 1upHealth CEO Joe Gagnon. This video provides an in-depth exploration of Miriam’s story, uncovering the shortcomings of the healthcare system, its staggering costs, and the often frustrating world of prior authorization. This enlightening conversation serves as a catalyst for change as we discuss potential solutions and advocate for a more compassionate, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare system.

Check out the interview with Miriam Paramore as she shares her compelling story and her thoughts on healthcare reform.

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