FHIRside Chat with Edward Yurcisin and Dr. Donald Rucker

While at the NCQA Health Innovation Summit last month, 1upHealth’s CSO, Dr. Don Rucker, was part of a FHIRside Chat with Edward Yurcisin, CTO. Together they discussed the importance of FHIR® and why it matters for our industry, the NCQA digital quality solutions pilot, understanding FHIR APIs, and more. 

Here are some highlights from their talk: 

  • FHIR finally gives us a way to compute in a standardized way about basic clinical activities and patient care.
  • NCQA is helping to formalize the discussion of measuring quality with richly informed data. In other words, i.e. finally bringing big data to healthcare. 
  • Understanding BULK FHIR APIs and how they help facilitate an apples to apples computational comparison of provider performance over a population of patients with the same data fields. 
  • As the world moves closer to AI and machine learning, there’s a real importance to having regularized data in relatively homogenous data sets – FHIR makes this possible.

Watch their full discussion below. 

As a reminder, 1upHealth is 1 of 6 digital trailblazers in the NCQA Digital Quality Solutions Pilot Program. In this pilot we are helping NCQA explore the use of FHIR APIs to improve quality and timeliness of healthcare data.

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