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Commonwealth tv 2021 interviews our CEO Ricky Sahu about the future of Health IT and ONC info blocking regulation.

Video from CommonWell TV 2021

Commonwell Anchor: It’s commonwealth tv 2021 right here from our orlando studios and it’s time now to hear from our friends at 1up health a member of our commonwealth alliance and their ceo now kind of to join us ricky sahu and ricky how will health IT really be changed forever by the pandemic

Ricky: Yeah well i think health it is going to be dramatically shifted from the industry that it used to be and it is really because every industry has been changed due to COVID, we’ve seen you know everyone worked from home caretakers work from home people getting remote care over telemedicine data sharing that has to happen regardless of the fact that we can’t be next to each other so what what i think is definitely here to stay is a lot of this telehealth and especially due to the regulatory environment which has introduced rules to not gonna block payments for telehealth and pay the same amount for much of it that will continue to stay in place. I think there will be more of a reliance on data sharing electronically as well than there has been in the past which is largely been paper and fax space i think that’s going to have to go over the internet to your providers and patients wherever they are regardless of whether or not they’re in a in-person care setting

Commonwell Anchor: As a member of the commonwealth alliance one up health what is your guys’s reaction to the ONC info blocking regulation

Ricky: Yes i think that the ONC info blocking regulation is definitely a good step in the right direction it’s basically building upon a lot of the meaningful use three regulations that required patients to be able to access their data and the kind of the problem there was that the intent of the rule wasn’t really met by many of the vendors and therefore ONC had to layer on top more specific regulation to help that data flow however we see that even these info blocking rules are not enough and there are now other proposed regulations for more specific requirements around how quickly a developer must be able to get access the listing of these public endpoints and so forth which are scheduled to go into effect at the end of 2022. So ultimately we’re going to have to see regulation not just regulations but a inherent desire or want from these provider organizations to share this data because it’s good for them and what’s good for them may be improvement of patient satisfaction or lowering costs or improving quality but uh i would say it’s our job here to make sure that people see the value of the data and are able to interact with it so that they can see those improved outcomes not just for the patient but also for their own organizations.

Commonwell Anchor: All right, Ricky time to turn uh or put on your crystal ball here for me so when it comes to health IT and what’s on the horizon what do you see?

Ricky: Yeah so what i think is happening is we are seeing this distribution of care across the industry and due to that we are seeing data all over the place but also the application of those you know the applications that are sitting on top of that data exist in more focused settings so what i mean by that is there are applications for specific conditions there are applications for specific you know demographics taking maybe a certain medication and it is unfathomable to really think that a single organization is going to be creating all that whether it’s a pair a provider or an a vendor right and what i think will be happening over the next few years is we’ll be seeing this unbundling of you know care where not just the not all the technology will be hosted under one roof and there will be a multitude of applications as well as a multitude of different providers and you know or other organizations that are interacting together on the same kind of platform to deliver care and i think the importance of that platform that hosts the underlying data and also connects it to all these different parties is going to grow in value and importance

Commonwell Anchor: He’s the ceo of 1up health and 1up health a member of our commonwealth alliance ricky sahu ricky thank you so much and for more information on 1up health along with commonwealth we invite you to log onto commonwealthalliance.org thanks again Ricky

Ricky: Yep thanks god thank you guys

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