3 Ways 1upHealth’s Expanded Patient-Mediated Network Will Benefit You

1upHealth is committed to growing our network of patient-mediated endpoints available to 1up Patient Connect customers and their end users – whether they’re health plan members or digital health consumers. The goal of our ongoing endpoint expansion effort is to provide additional opportunities when it comes to where and how individuals can access their healthcare data. Ultimately, we aim to help individuals access and compile a complete view of their health data by sharing with third-party applications, so they can make better decisions related to their health and ensure better care. 

Before we tell you why you should be excited about the network expansion, let’s review what we mean by endpoints and why they are so important.

What is an endpoint? 

An endpoint, in technical terms, is a place where application programming interfaces (APIs) can send requests in order to receive information. In the case of 1upHealth, the information is FHIR resource data. To a patient, an endpoint will look like a provider or hospital login page that prompts the user to authorize sharing their health data with a third party and enables the user to access their health records virtually. Endpoints are made available through electronic health record (EHR) vendors that provide EHR software to providers or hospitals.

Why are endpoints important?

1upHealth works with a number of digital health companies that improve the lives of their customers by making it easier to access and control their healthcare data. Technology provided by these companies allow patients to better manage their health, learn about relevant research studies, and share information with their providers and loved ones, among other benefits. 

How does the expanded patient-mediated network benefit you? 

Now that we have provided some background, let’s discuss the three ways 1upHealth’s network expansion will benefit you. 

#1  Connections with new and upgraded FHIR endpoints ensure patient data is transferred securely 

1upHealth continues to monitor the industry to identify EHR vendors that are adding the most updated FHIR endpoint versions. By adding the latest FHIR endpoint versions, we’re providing additional data elements, ensuring that the most accurate and complete data profile is available to our customers. Currently, our network has just under 8,000 endpoints. By the beginning of Q4, this number will more than triple.

#2  More options for patients to access their data

New endpoint connections means more opportunities for patients to connect to their electronic records and access their own health data. With more visibility into their data comes the chance for patients to make more informed decisions about their health and healthcare. 

#3  Additional opportunities for 1up Patient Connect customers

1upHealth customers will now be able to support a larger population of patients within the US. With the addition of new EHRs, our network is expanding across every region in the country. 1up Patient Connect customers can now help patients in every corner of the US control and access a more complete view of their health data. 

Take advantage of this 3x network growth

Now is an exciting time to partner with 1upHealth. As our network of endpoints grows, we’re committed to building out a marketplace where customers and patients alike can securely access data to improve health across the US. Stay in touch with 1upHealth during this exciting time to watch the network growth unfold! 

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