Choice is Fundamental to our Humanity

At 1upHealth, our mission is to make healthcare data broadly available to help all of us to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Core to our mission is catalyzing change in the healthcare industry to drive better outcomes for patients. While we use technology to make this happen, it really is our team who brings the technology to life. We have built a company with a Core Values system that centers on being “Human.” For us, being Human means that we are committed to creating a space where we all feel respected, safe, valued, and empowered to bring our whole selves to work, understanding that’s when the best work happens. 

The recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade stands in direct opposition to both our mission and values. It simultaneously strips women of choice, which is core to their humanity, and will result in the denial of much-needed healthcare to many women across the country. While it appears that we cannot restore these rights, we will do whatever we can to support the healthcare choices our team feels are in their own best interest. To this end, we have added a travel reimbursement for reproductive care for employees who must travel out of state for treatment and will be exploring other benefits that reinforce personal health choices such as fertility planning support. 

We all know that from a very early age we love to be empowered to chart our own course, to make decisions, to take care of ourselves, and to be independent and autonomous. When our ability to choose is taken away, none of us like how that feels. We are in dangerous territory as a society when we take choice away, and further, when we criminalize making deeply personal and intimate choices that fundamentally affect lives and health. Before we get too far by allowing minority beliefs to control how we can live, we should remember that choosing how we live is core to our humanity. At 1upHealth, we will always prioritize the health and choice of our employees and are proud to be public and vocal about equality, supporting diversity, and defending choice for all.

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