FHIR® Dev Days & HIMSS API Studio

1upHealth will be presenting at HL7 FHIR® DEVDAYS in Redmond, WA from June 10-12 2019 and HIMSS API Studio in San Jose, CA June 13. Our CEO, Ricky Sahu, will discuss patient mediated data connectivity and uses for FHIR.

We’ll be presenting during a Let’s build session. At the end of this session, you’ll be able to connect with 100s of EHR systems with production clinical data using FHIR® APIs through a patient mediated experience. We will launch a demo web application which will enable you to log in as a patient to authorize access from one or many health systems. Once connected, you can interact with data via FHIR® and build any application or service on top of it.

Ricky’s a FHIR® veteran who will demonstrate its myriad applications and reveal how FHIR® allows for innovation in healthcare. He also loves talking about opportunities for the health industry, so come say hello! DEVDAYS and HIMSS API Studio offer lots of information and practice for developers interested in FHIR, and we highly recommend stopping by. We hope to see you there!

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